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"In this snapshot, you'll catch a glimpse of me in action, capturing the heartbeats of a newlywed couple lost in the rhythm of the music. Take a closer look, and you might notice my expression - a unique blend of concentration and determination. It's not the prettiest picture, I'll admit, but it tells a story of passion and dedication.

See, being a wedding cinematographer isn't just about creating aesthetically pleasing shots; it's about immersing myself entirely in the moment, channeling all my focus into the lens. My face might look a bit intense, but that's because I believe in giving your special day the attention it deserves. It's akin to a drummer lost in a complex beat, requiring every ounce of concentration to get it just right.

This isn't about vanity; it's about the commitment to distill the genuine emotions and subtle nuances that make your wedding day uniquely yours. So, here I am, not looking my best, but giving my all to ensure that every frame reflects the depth and authenticity of your love story. Welcome to the real, unfiltered world behind the lens.

We hired Cutting Desk Productions...

 for our wedding in the Bahamas, and they did an outstanding job capturing all the love!!! So so happy!!!

Rebecca Taylor

Amazing service and quality...

I reached out to Claudio after a recommendation from my photographer for our Wedding Day in December. From our first interaction, Claudio was super professional and interested in what we wanted to capture. From his previous films, I could tell he was an expert storyteller and I was delighted to book him for our Big day!

Aisling O'Shea

Best videos!!!

 Cutting Desk did our wedding videos! We have received so many compliments from everyone! They know how to capture every moment! Unbelievable!

Danielle Goeckel

Every time I watch...

the videos that Claudio and Cutting Desk created which capture the memories of our wedding, I laugh, I cry and I have goosebumps as he allows me to completely relive that special day. Claudio and his team were a joy to work with and his style of shooting is unlike all of the other cookie cutter videographers I looked into. Claudio is professional, kind and artistic where as in watching the video I had no idea that he was right next to me multiple times, capturing an amazing memory that I will now, never forget. Cutting Desk is the best videographer to capture your special memories, HANDS DOWN!!

Amanda Birman

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