As the years go by we continue to meet and work with fantastic people and it gives us great pleasure to do so. Below are some great wedding video reviews left by past client.

Dalia Mitra

If you are looking for an artistic angle that gives you more than just the events of your wedding, takes you through a range of emotions, and leaves you touched, I recommend you work with Cutting Desk Productions. You won't be disappointed!

Nirmal Nathan

Cutting Desk Productions was by far our favorite vendor. Claudio was very professional and mindful. Plus his video quality was excellent! Thank you so much for a great experience!

Amanda Birman

Every time I watch the videos that Claudio and Cutting Desk created which capture the memories of our wedding, I laugh, I cry and I have goosebumps as he allows me to completely relive that special day. Claudio and his team were a joy to work with and his style of shooting is unlike all of the other cookie cutter videographers I looked into. Claudio is professional, kind and artistic where as in watching the video I had no idea that he was right next to me multiple times, capturing an amazing memory that I will now, never forget. Cutting Desk is the best videographer to capture your special memories, HANDS DOWN!!

Haley Bianulli

Haley wrote: Speechless! You made me cry at my office! I can’t thank you enough! It is beyond what i could’ve ever expected! You surprised me with the drone!!!! Thank you so much! You are truly amazing!